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Great places to travel in the UK with your dog

Mama and I love to pack up the car and drive off on an adventure to somewhere new and dog-friendly in the UK. I thought I would tell you about some of my favourite places that we have visited.

The Kennels is the private members' club at Goodwood. Originally the kennels for the owner's dogs, and the first place on the estate which had central heating - he know how to look after his pups - the Kennels is now an absolutely fabulous place for the humans to have dinner and for us dogs to keep them company. Mama says it's no cheap by any means, but they always give me treats and a water bowl and are very, very friendly. There are also fabulous walks in the grounds and on the golf course there. You can even get a dog membership to the club, which means that you will have your own bowl with your name on in ready for you every time you visit!

Woodfarm Barns in Suffolk is a doggy human holiday heaven. We stayed in a small barn that had a fully enclosed garden, so I could run around to my hearts content and there was a doggy paddling pool for me because it was very hot when we were there. When we arrived there was lovely breakfast basket for mama and some delicious doggy treats for me. They also have a special separate field for exercising dogs with lots of toys hidden in the grass (if anyone finds my pink flamingo I hope you have fun) a mini trampoline and some agility equipment. Do check them out, if you are looking for somewhere tranquil and relaxing to stay.

The Grundisburgh Dog is the first choice gastro pub for any discerning pooch visiting Suffolk. Upon arrival I was given my own platter with a bowl of water and a bowl of biscuits. Then, I was presented with a special menu for us dogs, which included sausages and a doggy roast dinner on Sundays. I enjoyed my sausage while mama enjoyed a pint of the local brew and what she said was a delicious veggie burger (ugh!). I highly recommend visiting!

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