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Dr Ciara

Vet in the City

 Vet in the City provides stress-free monthly health checks for your dog at Dog Stories' daycare and we are delighted to be a partner. 2018 and 2019 'Vet of Year' nominee, Dr Ciara. Your dog can receive a full health examination and a tailored preventative programme. In fact, having a relaxed dog in a familiar environment can give a much more accurate idea of their normal behaviour.


What's included in the monthly fee

The programme includes vaccines, weight and nutritional advice, flea and worm control, all done while you are at work to keep your dog in the best of shape. In addition to vaccines and parasite treatment, your dog will have a thorough check-up every month and you'll receive details in a health report emailed to you after each check-up along with ongoing support and advice. The monthly check-up assesses your dog's:

  • Behaviour

  • Gait & movement

  • Weight & body condition

  • Hydration status

  • Temperature

  • Heart & lung rate, sounds & pulses

  • Peripheral lymph nodes

  • Eyes & vision, ears & canals

  • Skin & coat condition. This includes a flea and tick check and thorough investigation for any lumps, bumps or changes.

  • Teeth & gums

  • Abdominal palpation. This means gently feeling the tummy and inside organs

  • We also perform an annual urine test to monitor kidney function


More information and registration here

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