Panos Ampatzpoulos

Founder & Head Dog Trainer

Panos has over 20 years of professional experience working with dogs and their owners. He spent several years in Italy training working dogs (Schutzhund) including search and rescue, assistance dogs, and pet therapy. He has a;sp worked in a dog rescue centre in Greece.


Panos owned and ran a dog training school and kennels specialising in training family pets as well as guard dogs and police dogs. Panos believes that every dog is different and requires a unique approach to training and stimulation to achieve the best outcomes for the individual dog.


Panos is committed to the continued learning, development and experience for himself and his team, and has completed a wide range of dog care and training continuing professional development, including the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers' Career as a Dog Trainer, Practical Instructor Course, Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias, Consultation and Follow-Up Report, and participated in seminars led by Geert De Bolster, one of the low countries' most respected dog behaviour counsellors.

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47 Montserrat Rd, London, SW15 2LE