Meet the team

Panos Ampatzopoulos


Owner & Head Dog Trainer

Panos has over 20 years of professional experience working with dogs and their owners. He spent several years in Italy training working dogs including search and rescue, assistance dogs, and pet therapy. He also owned and ran a dog training school and kennels specialising in training family pets as well as guard and police dogs.

Furchild: Nellie; German Shepard and our Assistant Dog Trainer

Top dog-friendly hangout: Dogstories Daycare

Best doggy holiday: Anywhere Nellie and I can go fishing together

Favourite doggy game: Playing with the water hose

Top dog training tip: Every dog is different and requires a unique approach to training and stimulation to achieve the best outcomes. Never stop trying to find what works for you and your dog.

Daniel Biesheuvel Strand

Daniel and Wick.JPG

Dog Day Care Manager and Trainer

Daniel owns three rescue dogs and runs the day to day aspects of our daycare school.

Furchildren: Peggy & Lexie; Podenco Andaluz and Wick; Podenco Canario

Top dog-friendly hangout: The Hand in Hand, Wimbledon Common

Best doggy holiday: The Lake District

Favourite doggy game: Playing postman doing deliveries

Top dog training tip: Never give up and ask for advice and tips if you are not getting the results you want.

Sandra Strand


Dog Daycare Counsellor

Sandra recommends being positive and making dog training fun. 

Furchild: Sam, a Sheltie, Papillon and Japanese Spitz crossbreed

Top dog-friendly hangout: Wimbledon Common

Best doggy holiday:  Anywhere in nature where the dogs can run free

Favourite doggy game: Reverse fetch devised by Sam. She drops ball by our feet, then we all walk on further, and then we ask Sam to return to retrieve the ball, and repeat

Top dog training tip: Stay positive and have fun!

Leah Murison

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Dog Daycare Counsellor


Leah makes fetch the best recall training.

Furchild: Scampi, a Maltichion

Top dog-friendly hangout: Ruislip Lido

Best doggy holiday:  Anywhere as long as there are snacks!

Favourite doggy game: Fetch

Top dog training tip: Make it fun for both you and your dog thats how you best attain your goals.

Sara Biesheuvel Strand

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Communications Manager

With three dogs Sara has learnt that patience is important 

Furchildren: Peggy, Lexie & Wick, three rescue podencos

Top dog-friendly hangout: Hand in Hand by Wimbledon Common

Best doggy holiday:  Lake District - amazing walks for both dogs and humans

Favourite doggy game: Tug of war

Top dog training tip: Patience is essential when working with your dog.

Barnyard Bollinger


CEO & Head Dachshund


Bolly is responsible for ensuring that no ball is left un-thrown by our team as well as organising and commentating on doggy games. 



Assistant Dog Trainer

Nellie helps Panos with training, socialising and of course making sure that the water hose is always on in order for everyone to be able to play with it.