Meet The Team

Panos Ampatzopoulos

Founder & Head Dog Trainer

Panos has over 20 years of professional experience working with dogs and their owners. More...

Daniel Strand-Beisheuval

Dog Day Care Manager


Daniel owns three rescue dogs and runs the day to day aspects of our daycare school. More..

Emily Norgrove

Dog Daycare Counsellor 


Emily loves teaching our dog hula hoop-jumping. More...

Sandra Strand

Dog Daycare Counsellor 


Sandra recommends being positive and making dog training fun. More...

Barnyard Bollinger

CEO & Head Dachshund


Bolly is responsible for ensuring that no ball is left un-thrown by our carers as well as organising and commentating on doggy games. More...

Nellie from Casa Di Molli

Dog Training Assistant

A German Shepherd from the Italian countryside, Panos adopted Nellie in early 2018 and has been training her to adapt to life in the big city.

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